How to date a girl

Do not do this to the girl on the first date. These questions will not get worse then the thing.

Dating is not less than a game, or rather it is a gambling in which you can get a good partner if your fate and tricks are good. And if something goes out of your mouth then your first date and second date will never come into your life. So have you told someone about your heart and you are going to meet on a date soon. So we are telling you what you do not have to do at all on the first date. Read this whole article carefully because it can prove to be helpful for you.

Oh you are like my old girlfriend!

 "Brother, do not like a girl in the world that she should be compared to someone else. So do not compare it with your X girlfriends, at least! 

"What are you doing weight?"

 It is sin to say that, sin! Even if they are looking fat, the boy is forced to make a slim and good fit for your date.

"You look very different in your DP ..."

 Do not ever do these things ... Girls are serious about their true look and not how they look in the photo.

 "Is not your dress too small?"

 One of the things that boys can say is very dangerous. From this one point you will become a backwards, Orthodox, Pazasiv, Old fashioned type person in front of the girl.

 "how many boyfriend you have before me?"

 Really ?? Meaning first date you want to ask the complete history of the girl? Do not ask the same way how she was his Ex.

 "next time. We will meet at your house ??"

 will ask these questions on the first date, then the girl will not make any good opinion about your character. Absolutely, the girl will understand that you are numerically sticky.

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