Definition of true love

Love - If we get spoiled then maybe we can meet in Khwabs, just as we find flowers in dried flowers.

There is a silent remembrance on the feet, which is soaked every night. Perhaps this is love. Say what to lose in Ishq and what to lose? Anyone here also gets lost and even loses it by losing. In a way, this is your way and the floor too. Pain or happiness, every moment of love is beautiful. We need to understand this realization of love.

Love never loses or incomplete If you do not have love even when you live together, then there is love even in separation. After being separated from someone we cry for more than that person who we could cherish. Our incomplete stories are often fulfilled in memories. We keep thinking in the vortex of memories that if we were together then it would have been like this, they would have done it, they could do it. There is freedom in love, yes or no, fear, there is a desire to live together and the whole world starts to appear in each other.

Where the distance between you and me changes, you change into 'we'; love takes birth there. It is important to feel comfortable while living together. If there is no faith in each other, then there will be no love. Love is big power in the word. The thing about this feeling is different. There is so much power in the word that when it is lost or lost, a person becomes a writer and sometimes a poet. The Amar Prem Katha of Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha was not incomplete. They were so close to each other.

Every moment of our life keeps changing, there is no faith in the next moment. So rather than loving expectations, we should just keep on playing it. However, love is not always for today or tomorrow but forever. Even today true love is alive, examples are still given, just the ways of expressing them have changed. You should not regret even without having a Happy Ending of Your Love Story, but keep repeating your story through memories.

There is no race of love. There is no condition in it. Love is just love. If you see thousands of things in love, then it starts to be called a business as it is happening nowadays. The problem is that many times the person does not understand this feeling himself. Even if he understands, then his family and society can not understand. Not everyone can understand this depth of love. Any kind of profit-loss and multiplication part goes away from love. To understand love, you have to rise above it. Sacrifice, sacrifices and dedication.

Whatever love stories were so popular today, what was the last thing in them? Love and just love. When love grows larger than life then death also starts to feel like life. Love is an amazing feeling that ordinary people do not understand.

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