How to impress a girl & make her fall in love with you

You want a girl but she does not even see you. You keep thinking about it in the night, but you do not have any significance for it. You want to settle it in your life but it does not matter to any of you.

Now you think that this is the end of your love life, but it is not so. The girl does not see the status and look itself only in a boy, but she wants the boy to be genuine and this is the first step of any relation.

Attractive costume.

Attractive costume is the first introduction of any person. Loose, uncut pressed clothes make a misconception about any person.


Yes, along with good clothes, any human being is also required to look good on himself. Scattered hair, a sleazy beard, a withered face, a girl, will not you like yourself

Gentle behavior.

Well, nowadays, everybody guesses that the spoiled boys easily grab any girl but this is absolutely wrong. How can you expect someone to be impressed by you in any way, by presenting them with wrong behavior or rancor?

Think Before Speaking Anything.

Say anything to any girl, then say Sorry, shows your lightness. It is also wrong to shout in front of the people and to show the front of the front of the people is wrong. Two words, first of all, do not be ashamed of the front of the dirty jokes and secondly, do not praise any girl in front of any girl. You can remove it from yourself.

Make her feel special.

Look at some of the methods that you can use to make the girl a special choice. You tell him what you think about him so that you think he is different from the other girls

Make a certain distance.

This is the most difficult and clever stuff. Trying to stay close to a girl more than necessary, can convince him that you are a stuck person.

You are not totally free.

You do not always tell the girl that you are totally free for her and you have nothing to do. While doing any of his work, it must definitely tell you how much important work you have left for one of his work.


Confidence is the first form of any relation. If you do not have confidence then you will be afraid of all the work and the result will come "Zero". If you meet any girl, then get filled with self-confidence as no girl will not like a self-confident boy.

Talk with eyes in eyes.

Talking about the time seen in the eyes, your confidence and your truth is seen.

Become Real.

Many times, in the face of impressing the girl, the boys resort to lies. But they say that the palace of lies does not last long. Such relationships do not last for a long time, so that is why they meet the girl as it is.

Stay in control.

With the girl several times the boys do something which they should not do and the result is completely ruined the relationship. Always respect the front.

And many times, in the girl's affair, the boys show such an airplane that they themselves do harm, and in the eyes of the girl, it is not too late.

Interesting facts.

Always choose interesting topics to talk, even those who want to listen. It may be that what is interesting to you is boring for it

Listening to the Front.

Many times it happens that during the much more impressive era, we just keep singing for ourselves. You should always keep in mind that the "things" girls do not have the right to you, and that's why you get used to listening to girls' full attention.

Be patient.

It does not say that love always meets the destiny, but it meets those who have patience. Remember the girls are also human, there is no robot, which will be solved as soon as your mathematical formula. Even after talking a lot for a good relationship, you may have to wait for the last yeah.

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