How to impress a girl on facebook

Never Write On The Dating App These Things

If he does not respond to your message, do not get angry.

In the dating game, online dating has worked to change the whole atmosphere. 

In the time of digital dating, you need to pay attention to your behavior, methods of approach and the text you send to them. If you are thinking of dating someone online then do not forget to write to the girl. These messages

You look beautiful

When a girl looks beautiful you do not praise her. Yes, by doing this you can water on your hard work and that girl can not tell you. So be careful. You can do her own resort photo, career choice or sense of style.

Do not show anger

If he does not respond to your message, do not get angry. Do not mess with her showing her heartburn or anger, she may feel bad. This will be your email only. Try doing the tray, maybe you can get the answer later.


Sending a sexy message to a girl on a dating app can be the worst idea. Even if you are here for sex, do not even make such messages. Stay polite and talk about topics like music, food or travel.

Copy-paste message

Reading messages like Tech Care, I Love Fictional Movies Anyone can understand that you have copied it. This means that you have not read his profile. Keep in mind that this kind of message can reduce your chances.

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