How to propose a girl perfactly

How to propose a girl perfactly... ??

Let me tell you all this before! Many boys do not know this! When a girl should propose, many boys make the biggest mistake. As if they liked a girl and her friendship did not take place for two or four days, she went to her the next day and propose it directly, so that she does not get much chance! Just do not make this the biggest mistake of you; 

firstly make friends with him and try to know him, so that you will have the advantage that you will make a different image in his eyes. And then no girl will ever think of you wrong about you. First of all, you should make a friendship with that girl. Later, when the time comes, you can tell her the story of your heart and she will not tell you either. Just do you always start your friendship with friendship, after that you will get completely dissolved in it. 

The cookie girl does not make her boyfriend anybody without anyone else, and if you tell her about her heart from the beginning, then you By the way, they will become hopeful in their eyes, which is not right.

How to propose a girl perfactly

  • Praise her anytime but not everytime.

Every girl is hungry for her praise, so if you can do so, you must do some compliment.
Like your eyes are so sweet, Your hair looks very nice

Just a little bit of praise is enough.  Now you do not have to do anything so that if you misunderstand it, then after paying more attention, 
you can understand it wrong and can end friendship with you. Varna will water on all your hard work

  • Ask her what she likes or dislike

These are just a few personal questions that you can ask them about what you like in the food.
It is best to roam in such a way that if you do such questions then he will tell you all things open about yourself

You can also ask about their hobbies, but be careful that you ask them in such a way that they do not have any problem and if you have any bad thoughts in your mind, then you can take them out and throw them away. De kuaki This girl does not like this in the first round, as if your friendship changes in love then you can talk like this.

  • Have fun with her & make smile 

Now it is said that the brother has become a friend and it is also happening but how to increase the identity of the person. Let me tell you that no girl is set up in one day. You have to give her time and she will have to wait.

You can send her a good morning likhe message. You can send a good morning message to her mobile or Facebook message every morning, so that she can get her habit and send some fun jokes too. Now you have not sent so many messages that it will turn out to be your message.

  • Feel her special & take care of her.

When a girl gets his caretaker, then she thinks that I will not let her go through my life
All you have to do is take care of them. In the morning, you have to ask for dinner. And do not forget to take care of them.

This is the most magic formula.


  • Be careful,

  • take care of yourself,

  • Do not go alone,

  • take medicine,

  • Why do not you take care of yourself

If you think of these things, then any girl will not be able to reject your proposal.

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