How to win your boyfriend/ husband's heart

Has your boyfriend been angry with you? Is his mood off? Are you scared of how you will convince him? So there is no need to think much now. We will tell you some ways that you can easily remove the displeasure of your boyfriend. 

Junk can change his mood. There are some tips to help you win the heart of your boyfriend in minutes.

Ask directly why the mood is bad

You can directly ask the reason for his displeasure with your boyfriend or the reason for the bad mood. It is best to do this most of the time. A lot of things come out when it comes in a clear way and there is a whole possibility of improvement. Many times the boyfriend tells a lot of pressure in the mind and sometimes gets silent. In such a situation, you have the responsibility of handling the situation.


If the boyfriend's mood is spoiled or if he is upset you can give him a surprise. These surprises can be of any kind. You can buy a gift for him. Can prepare some specials. You can give him a card with a message. Not only that, you can be dressed in the clothes of his choice. This will love boyfriend and he can accept it soon.

Gift Chocolates & Flowers

Boyfriend often makes chocolate or flowers gifts to his girlfriend, but both of these things are liked by boys too. In this way you can give chocolate to your boyfriend. It is said that after eating sweet, the mood becomes good and then your partner's resentment will be immediately removed.

Make favorite food

You can also make a choice of food for her boyfriend's displeasure. It is said that if you want to please men, then they have to go through their stomach and in such a way, the best food can cure your boyfriend's mood immediately.

Leave alone for a while

Many times, when the mood is spoiled, you put pressure on your boyfriend to find out the cause, but it can be bad for you. Due to bad mood, he may scream at you too. In such a situation, leave him alone for a while and maintain peace. He will talk to you as soon as his mood is fixed

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