Love symbols between love vs friendship

When boys and girls spend so much time with each other at school, college and office, friendship in them is such a common thing. But sometimes, two people would come closer to each other Sometimes, by looking at their mutual understanding and self-esteem, it becomes difficult to understand that it is only friendship or their relationship has progressed even further.

By the way, now the young people have gradually started their choice of their partner by overtaking old thinking and mentality in the society, but sometimes the boy or girl, despite the love, always fears the loss of their friend. Do not tell me the point of your heart. If you also like your friend and want to talk about your heart, then tell you some tips from which you can confirm this point. They are just your best friend or your love.

If the girl is able to share her gratitude with you, then she is sure that she believes in you. But it also means that she just considers her a good friend, because often Girls do not even share their every point with their boyfriend or partner. While the boys share their special and hearted things only with what they like.

If your friend teases you on talk and never praises you. At the same time, like the other girls, you do not have to be impressed, then understand that they only consider you to be a good friend.

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While the boy will like you when you like, he will try to make you laugh at the talk and talk about you, because he can not see you sad.

If your friend had been living around you for some days or assumed your every point, in the same way with which he used to get you first.

If he starts smiling on those things, then understand that he likes you and wants to talk to you about your heart, because boys often do not behave when they are friends. While the girl tries to get closer to a guy like him, and always try to hear him.
When a girl likes a boy, she shares her with all the filling of her heart. If your friend listens those things carefully and helps you in all kinds of problems, then understand that he likes you.

While being friends only he will listen to you, but not help. Whenever a girl likes a boy, then gradually helps to get rid of bad habits of the boy.

If your friend speaks to you about some other girls repeatedly, then understand that he sees only a good friend in you.
Because boys do not like to talk about some other girl in front of those who like them. In the face of the boy whom he likes, the girls deliberately talk about other boys. However, if he treats you as a good friend, then he will not do anything like that.

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