Why Girls irritate their boyfriends habbits ?

Why Girls irritate their boyfriends habbits 

Boy or girl, everybody has many habits that make them different from each other. But there are some bad habits in boys, which makes girlfriends irritate. Let's know what such things are that of boyfriend, that makes girlfriends angry.

Playing games

Girlfriends have trouble with the fact that their partner still spends more time with childhood video games. They do not look good on partners who are sitting in front of hours computers or TV screens

Funny face in emotions 

Do not tell true about emotions
The boy never speaks his emotions openly, but it irritates girls. Every girl wants her boyfriend to be expressive and she openly expresses her filling.

Judging your  girlfriends

The boys judge without any thought to their girlfriends, but the girls seem to be very bad about this thing. Judging girlfriends for every thing can irritate them.

Forgetting habbits

The boys also forget the important dates with their daily life. While girls remember every little thing related to the relationship. Men have tendency to forget and it does not tolerate any woman

Wearing same cloths 

To wear the same suit every day
Only girls who like to be clean are liked girls. In such a way, wearing one of your daily shirts irritates them. If you are in a relationship, you must have heard about bathing and wearing clean clothes several times with your girlfriends.

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